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Nalkho Techno has been founded in 1994 with a specific goal of development of quality control systems and supplies of analytical instruments and laboratory products to Russian and CIS enterprises and research centers. In fact the company emerged from a number of earlier establishments of its owners since 1980s.

The company’s organization features highly skilled engineering staff handling all technical issues in Moscow. It is an important part of our strategy and market approach – to speak ‘native language’ with a client – both literary and technically.

Nalkho Techno main activities are design and supplies of equipment for quality-control and research laboratories for metallurgical, mining, machine-building, chemical industries. Nalkho offers technical projects, standalone instruments and complete turn-key solutions starting from sampling through sample preparation to analysis and data storage. Typical applications are spectral express analysis of chemical composition of various metals alloys slugs and other non-metals, and also materials’ structure and microstructure analysis – metallography petrography, etc.

Nalkho Techno equips its analytical systems mainly with Swiss and German instruments and apparatus. Practically all products are certified and approved for use in Russia and Nalkho holds title in certificates.

Nalkho Techno exclusively represents the OBLF Spektrometrie GmbH since 1998. In fact Nalkho started regular promotion and marketing of the OBLF optical emission spectrometers in Russia. As a result we now sell more instruments annually than the total sales in the previous 20 years. Since 2008 Nalkho also sells XRF and XRD instruments by PANalytical BV. Apparently Nalkho supplies a wide range of automatic and manual sample preparation equipment for samples preparation from Herzog GmbH , MAGNET- Phyisik GmbH, Ferdinant HORNUNG GmbH, etc.

Nalkho Techno exclusively sells Carl Zeiss industrial microscopes in Russia. We also supply a complete range of metallographic laboratory equipment comprising sample preparation by Metkon Instruments Ltd. and image processing hardware and analysing software. Imaging systems are designed and assembled by Nalkho in house from the OEM components.

The third products group marketed by Nalkho are various auxiliary devices and appliances produced by the Lab-Tops member companies (the association of German and Swiss manufacturers of laboratory equipment).

Nalkho Techno is an engineering company. Our philosophy and market approach is not to sell bare hardware but to supply our clients with technical solutions tailor-made for their particular analytical tasks. Nalkho provides onsite installation and commissioning of analytical instruments, auxiliary equipment and software, and client’s laboratory staff training. The company also provides technical support, guarantee and post-guarantee service and repair.

The company is proud of its intellectual core. Along the years the Moscow branch office collected a team of well educated skilled and loyal professionals coming from the Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys (MISIS), and other top research institutions of the former USSR. Moscow branch office staff counts up to 10 employees. We also maintain few local representatives in the industrial regions like Urals and Siberia on a contractual basis who are mostly in charge of technical service.

Since early 90s Nalkho Techno has built up substantial experience of operation in Russia and the CIS, combining advantages of understanding Western technology with deep knowledge of particular features, customs and technical standards of the local market.

Nalkho has supplied equipment essentially to all major mining, metallurgical and machine-building enterprises in the Russian Federation and CIS, to name few:

Mining and Metallurgy :

ZAO «Alrosa» (Russian Diamond Corp.)
Euraz Group – Nizhniy Tagil and Novokuznetsk Metallurgical Plants
ОАО Mechel Group – Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant, Izhstal
ОАО MMK – Magnitogorsky Metallurgical Mill
MITTAL STEEL Temirtau – former ISPAT KARMET (Kazakhstan)
RAO Norilsk Nickel and AO Norilsk Mining Company
RUSAL Group – AO Bratsky Aluminum
ОАО SeverStahl
AO Siberian&Urals Aluminum

Aviation, automotive, machine-building, etc.:

AO Chepetsky Mechanical Plant (Glazov)
OAO AVTOVAZ (Togliatti)
OAO Cernyshov Machine Building Plant (Moscow)
OAO RAC MiG – Russian Aircraft Corporation
RUP Minsk Tractor Works (Minsk, Belarus)
OAO ‘Ural Vagon Zavod’

Academy, Institutes and R&D Centers:

Institute of Experimental Physics RAN – Federal Nuclear Center (Sarov)
MISIS – Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys
VIAM – National Aviation Materials Research Institute
VNIICherMet – National Non Ferrous Metals Research Institute
Baikov Metallurgical Research Institute RAN

(OAO = stands for the ‘Public joint-stock company’, ZAO – for the Limited Company, RAN = Russian Academy of Science.)

Nalkho conducts regular promotion of its products basing on their features. Most important and also challenging is participation in trade fares scientific conferences and seminars. Nalkho participated in all major exhibitions and fairs at the Moscow Expo-Centre dealing with industrial analytic and quality control. Our staff together with our vendor’s engineers has delivered presentations at the major Russian conferences on spectral analysis. Nalkho also performs on-site seminars and workshops at most important enterprises like ‘Norilsk Nickel’ or ‘Severstahl’. We also publish regular advertising in central magazines like ‘Industrial Laboratory’ and ‘Analytic and Control’. Nalkho maintains a web site in the Russian language and its efficiency is permanently growing.